Keynote speakers

Gustaf Olsson




Gustaf Olsson, Lund University, Sweden, has devoted his research to applications of Industrial Automation. This includes control and automation of water systems, power production, electrical power systems and industrial processes. In recent years he has focused on the water-energy nexus, trying to understand how energy exploration, generation and use are related to water operations and consumption.

Gustaf joined the ICA speciality group at the first ICA conference in 1973. He has served as the editor-in-chief of Water Science and Technology, in the IWA Strategic Council, and in the IWA Board of Directors. He received the IWA Publication Award and is an Honorary Member of IWA as well as an IWA Distinguished Fellow.

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Stefan Weijers




Stefan Weijers is process manager for policy and innovation of wastewater systems and HR manager for wastewater engineers at Waterboard De Dommel in Boxtel, The Netherlands. In 1987, he graduated (cum laude) at the Wageningen Agricultural University as a Bioprocess Engineer. After his studies, in 1988 served the army in the School of the Military Intelligence Service as scientific translator Russian. In 1990, he started as environmental consultant at TAUW Infra Consult in Deventer. Then he joined TNO-TPD as a process control engineer. In 1994, he became assistant professor in Systems and Control at the Faculty of Applied Physics, Eindhoven University of Technology. He finished a PhD in Systems and Control in 2000 on modelling and control of activated sludge plants for enhanced nutrient removal. In this year, he became senior consultant innovation with the Common Technological Service of four waterboards in the southern part of The Netherlands. In 2004 he joined Waterboard De Dommel as consultant strategic policy where he became process manager in 2006. His interests and professional areas are innovation, leadership, wastewater treatment, (urban)water management and climate adaptation, water quality, process modelling, monitoring and optimization, ICA, sustainability and circularity.

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