2019 Audi Q6 SUV Price

The 2019 Audi Q6 is a four-door CUV very closely pertaining to the next-generation Q5. It will concern market with alternate powertrains only, including a totally battery-electric variation. A plug-in hybrid will follow, and there is the possibility of a hydrogen-fueled model, as well. Although it has 4 doors, the Q6 will certainly have a coupe-like a roofline and an extremely reduced coefficient of drag. Inside, it will feature the next generation of Audi’s screen-based “digital cabin” instrumentation previewed by recent concept cars such as the Audi Prologue.

2019 Audi Q6 Release and Price

The Audi Q6 is scheduled for launch in early 2018 as an EV. The plug-in hybrid might be gone for the same time, or it may adhere to later on together with other powertrain options. Rates are not yet settled, yet we expect it to dramatically exceed the price factor of the Q5.


Exterior and Interior

The German automaker will utilize a VW Team sourced design which is shown a number of various other designs. The system is referred to as MLB Evo and is believed to be designed from ground up as an electrical car along with a shut “tummy”. This will aid the car to achieve a 0.25 coefficient of drag (a new document for the SUV market section) practically equal to that of the current Toyota Prius hybrid.

2019 Audi Q6

2019 Audi Q6

The exterior profile of the electrical car will be extremely aerodynamic. The five-door 2019 Audi Q6 SUV will gauge 16.0 feet long, stretch 6.3 ft wide and stand at a height of 5.1 ft. the vehicle will certainly showcase a coupe-like synopsis and an exceptionally flat greenhouse which strongly tapers to the rear to finish a vibrant exterior appearance. The lorry includes actuated components on the hood, flanks and rear ends which route airflow as required at speeds over 50 mph.

The interior of the 2019 Audi Q6 Electric has been made to fit 4 guests conveniently and leave a freight area of 21.7 cu ft. The interior will certainly be brightened by OLED illumination modern technology. At the front of the cabin, there will certainly be an online cabin. Below its instruments cluster will certainly be two touch displays with a minor lightweight aluminum structure and a black glass.


The appropriate display screen will be used to regulate navigating and media systems while the one on the left will be made use of for controlling lights and piloted owning systems. The steering wheel is likewise furnished with contoured touch services and can likewise act as a controlling level. There will certainly be two extra OLED present screens below the selector level to show climate control, drive system condition, and programmable features.

The cabin will likewise be outfitted with contemporary innovations created for piloted driving. They will include a laser scanner, ultrasonic sensors, a video camera and radar sensors. We will certainly upgrade you when we get more information on this possibly revolutionary German device.


Engine and Specs

The totally electrical version of the Q6 will utilize parts from the upcoming R8 e-on. With all-wheel drive, around 500 horsepower, and more than 500 lb-ft of torque, it will certainly be among the quickest SUVs on the marketplace. Audi will provide an inductive-charging option that gets rid of the need to connect the car into an electric outlet, yet it will not offer battery switching, a technology that Audi CEO Rupert Stadler has repeatedly ruled out. Variety is anticipated to exceed 310 miles. Past the EV variation, Audi is likely to add a plug-in-hybrid version, and the business could offer a fuel-cell electric, too. The previously mentioned plug-in hybrid and fuel-cell versions are the most likely developments in the powertrain portfolio, but there is no decision yet on a conventionally powered Q6. While technically feasible, such a design is unlikely as it would weaken the Q6’s market placement.

Audi Q6 e-tron Electric Car Quattro Concept – Exterior Walkaround

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